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[Error: unknown template qotd]Automotive Engineering with Motorsport; it was just Automotive Engineering til this year when I swapped over the the Motorsport pathway point because the modules looked more interesting~ Though most of the modules are the same in both ^^' Last term I ended up taking Motorsport Technology instead of Thermodynamics, which was great since a) I really don't like (and am not that good at) thermo, and b) I got to go on the Cruden Racing Car simulator that we have at uni and learnt how to use some software called Pi Toolbox, which was pretty cool! This term I'll be taking Aerodynamics and Engine Design instead of Manufacturing Strategy; I'm not entirely sure what Manufacturing Strategy entails but apparently it's a management module so getting to do Aero and Engines is definitely preferable! 

I hope I'll get to use it for my career! It's not looking so great at the moment though with how my jobhunting's been going but I'm still sending applications everywhere; hopefully I'll get something positive back soon!

On another note, YAY my final year project might actually finally be going somewhere!
But that's a rant for another time.
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(Yup, it's a Sengoku Basara one~ I found it on tumblr somewhere though so I don't have a link to the original source >.>)

It's funny, I just changed my wallpaper fairly recently; if this had come up a week ago you'd get to see the pretty No.6 one I'd been using... Anyway,this is what I changed it to =3

Info on the rainmeter skins I used can be found here~

In other news~

Rambling Alert! )

More from me later when I can be bothered~ ^^/
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Ahahahaha.ha. One extra hour? The same as I usually do, but for an extra hour, probably XD And I'd still be complaining about not having enough time! This whole weekend has been way less productive than I'd meant it to be between procrastinating and getting distracted DX And my room's a freaking tip (or, well, worse than usual).

...I've been just been finding it really hard to get motivated recently. orz

Anyway, a proper journal entry is on the way!
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(If you can’t tell from the title, I ended up watching The Kings Speech again after writing this while packing my room XD <3 )

Ah man, it's been a pretty crazy few weeks! )

It’s all sorted now though, thank god! Wish me luck on the driving test, it’s coming up pretty soon! >.<

Other than that, most days have been pretty tame in that I’ll get up, do some stuff around the house and maybe write a bit and make lunch and dinner. Dinner’ll be packed up to take to the LRC so that I can go online and I’ll get back and call home before maybe playing some Phoenix Wright or Minecraft…

This week I did venture out into London twice.

The first was to go into central to see the Royal Academy of Music’s museum and the Sherlock Holmes museum. (Image Heavy D= ) )

The day after I was back on the bus to Queensbury again (at rush hour lol) but this time it was because I was going to visit and Aunt. She always pinches me when she sees me because I’ve been in Hatfield so long and not been to see her yet ^^; )

After that, I’ve pretty much just been trying to pack all of my stuff ready for when I move out on Tuesday. Well, that and writing lol.

I’m not doing too badly progress wise; to put it in the form of a list…

~Fluffathon Prompts – I’m taking part in the aph_fluffathon this year, and have ideas for both prompts that I have. I’ve only started writing one of them so far, but I have a rough outline to follow for both.

~KnightAndPirate Summer Contest – Ironically enough, I am having a little trouble with this one XD I’ve had plot bunnies which have then grown out of control and probably won’t be used for it. I dunno; there’s one on the back burner that I have to tinker with a bit to see if it’ll fit the theme or go off on a tangent but my original plot bunny won’t work for it anymore ^^;

~INoFt – Track Four – I was supposed to leave this alone for a bit while I work on stuff that has deadlines but this fic just kind of writes itself and I couldn’t resist, so I have started writing it regardless. Oops. Anyway, it’s a chapter I’ve been wanting to write for a while, so hopefully if I take a little more time on it it’ll turn out for the better?

~5xCaptain Kirkland – I’m working on this one too~ I know what needs to be written but it’s taking a little while to come out the way I want it to, so this one may take a tad longer than usual to get out. Though I suppose it depends on if I can get my arse into gear once I’ve moved back home.

~Music Meme – I’m going to work on this more when I move home
cause there’s some stuff I need to look up, but again the next one from this is pretty much planned out and I need to look up some details before I can really crack on with it.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I need to work ok as well, like trying to pick BoaF and AiaDW up again, but the stuff listed above are my main priorities at the moment methinks.

Unless I’ve managed to forget something.

Which, considering this is me, is entirely possible.

Oh wells, back to packing! And then lunch/dinner so I can actually get to the LRC and post this XD
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 ...That the 30 day challenge is on hold till I'm done with exams! (So basically, see you in a week or so! XD) Though I don't think anyone's actually reading these anyway so I suppose it doesn't really matter that much~

Also. I has a shiny new desktop courtesy of Rainmeter~ 

Rainmeter Screenshot by ~LadyKnightOfHollyros on deviantART

But more on that next time I post XD As for now? Time to go make some dinner, methinks~

Edit: I just found this, and is possibly the funniest thing I've seen all week XD 
It's wrong how much I can identify with some of these, if not personally then through other people I know... /dies
It's kind of sad how quickly they fall into fights and arguments in the comments though =.=
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It's my first time doing one of these writer's blocks, I think? Anyway this one looked interesting (and I actually sort of have an answer for it already) and I have some time to kill before my driving instructor gets here, so why not?

So, who would I give the superpower to? I'm going to go with [livejournal.com profile] whitewings9  for this.
And the superpower? The power to be able to manipulate time =D (I say this so that it includes time travel and stopping time, cause I cheat like that XD).

We're both pretty notorious for procrastination and leaving things to the last minute - one particular case that comes to mind is second year of college when we'd both left one of those hideously long essay courseworks to do on the last day and we were up until a ridiculous time in the morning trying to finish them off and checking up on each other's progress/mental health. Looking back on it now is pretty nostalgic, but it wasn't much fun at the time XD
Similarly, I have a feeling we're both in the same boat as far as revision for our exams this time around is concerned, and neither of us would mind a little extra time, either to hand out some more job applications or for getting the distractedness out of our systems so that we can go back to focusing on revision XD

(Hehe. I guess it's benefiting me too, if she chose to use it that way, so perhaps I missed the point of the question entirely? XD)

I'm still figuring out which fics to use for today's 30 day challenge, so that'll be up later~ ^^ 
Bye for now!
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So... I haven't posted anything in an age, so I'm just going to do this meme~ ^^

Meme time! You Know You Live in [x-place-here] When...
1. Go to Google (or Yahoo) and type, "You know you're from (your state / province) when..."
2. Cut and paste the list.
3. Bold the items that apply to you.

1. You know how to (correctly) pronounce Edinburgh, Buckinghamshire, Welwyn Garden City, Loughborough and Gloucester. )

I'd have done the Leicester one, but I can't seem to find it at the minute 0.o
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Pretty preview? 

Shock horror, this might actually somewhat end up a little like an actual journal entry XD )


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