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 So, first things first, here's today's theme... *drumroll~*

Day 6 - Your Favourite Canon Fic [The Themes]

I kind of have a distinction between 'canon' and 'canonverse' and can't be bothered to differentiate the two so that they have different posts or whatever, so you get both here =) I tend to think of 'canon' as following the original plot of the book/anime/manga/show/etc. 'Canonverse' tends to be in the universe of the book/anime/manga/show/etc. (rather than an Alternate Universe or AU) but things don't necessarily pan out the same way as they do in 'canon'.

Anyway, without much further ado~ )

In other news..!

Apparenly, I write like a man. )
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 Hey guys~

This is going to be the complete Masterlist of all of the fanfiction I post on the internet, whether it be here, on deviantArt or on FF.net; I know there isn't an awful lot on here at the moment, but I'm hoping that by starting out with less I'll be more likely to update this list as I post things rather than leaving the whole lot for another time (and procrastinating. Cause let's face it if there's one thing I am expert at, it's procrastinating...)

Since I'm going to put the link for this post in the side bar, I'm not going to bother stickying it, but if anyone thinks it would be easier for it to be stickied, just let me know~

General warning for slash and language; I don't write explicit things so no worries there, but if I  ever do I'll add warnings to their respective story summaries.

I'm putting these in the order that they were written, so oldest first. (And the Fandoms are alphabetical ^^ )

Axis Powers Hetalia

Read more... )


Read more... )


I haven't been following the anime or manga for a long time and have mostly lost interest, but for anyone who is interested here is what I've written for the fandom. Most of it is quite old and I haven't had the chance to go back and purge any of it yet so apologies for anything that might be wrong with them! (Feel free to point any mistakes out!) )


There probably won't be much here, but this is for the awesomely fun memes (and any other crossover if I ever end up writing one 0.o) )


...These are even older than the Naruto ones... Though I hope to write more for Tortall because I still love it so much; I think it'll always be special since it was my first fandom =D )


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