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 Day 9 - A Fic You Read to Feel Down [The Themes]

The world must be coming to an end or something if I'm posting more than once a day *shock horror* =O
Don't worry, I don't think it'll be a regular occurrence; I don't tend to be very productive at the best of times and it certainly won't happen when I'm done with this challenge!

Speaking of, time to get back on topic.
Now, if yesterday was difficult because I had no idea where to start today was definitely much worse, if only because I had far too many ideas for what to post. I have - with much internal debate - managed to just about narrow it down to 9 (from the initial 50+ I probably had up in tabs orz What does it say about my reading habits? ^^' ).

Also, you'll probably notice the lack of Berlin Wall fics? No, I haven't lost my taste for Berlin Wall angst; I don't think that's even possible. It's just that I've pretty much decided which ones are going to go under which title, so I thought I could have a little more variety in today's picks.

Let the Angst-fest begin? )
My head kind of hurts so I'm going to come back and finish with the 'why's' later =.=/
Edit 6/5/11: Finally updated this with reasons! Sorry that took so long orz
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 Day 8 - A Fic You Read to Feel Good [The Themes]

Aaaand I'm back! With multiple reccs again XD Now this for this one, I didn't have any fics in mind so I had to dig back through my favourites and reread a few of them to refresh my memory of them; and considering I wasn't in the best of moods when I started yesterday, I think they served their purpose rather well!

Feelgood fics ahoy! =D )

(Sorry for any laziness in the commentary! I kind of want to get some other stuff done so that I'm free by the time Eurovision starts on iPlayer ^^' )
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 ...That the 30 day challenge is on hold till I'm done with exams! (So basically, see you in a week or so! XD) Though I don't think anyone's actually reading these anyway so I suppose it doesn't really matter that much~

Also. I has a shiny new desktop courtesy of Rainmeter~ 

Rainmeter Screenshot by ~LadyKnightOfHollyros on deviantART

But more on that next time I post XD As for now? Time to go make some dinner, methinks~

Edit: I just found this, and is possibly the funniest thing I've seen all week XD 
It's wrong how much I can identify with some of these, if not personally then through other people I know... /dies
It's kind of sad how quickly they fall into fights and arguments in the comments though =.=
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Day 7 - Your Favourite AU Fic [The Themes]

Hahaha... Okay, looking at my track record, it probably won't surprise anyone that I'm going to end up with a lot of different fics on today's - the fact that a lot of my favourite fics ever are AUs probably doesn't help much. So including these listed today, I guess all of the other AU fics that I have already posted about and will soon post about also come under this heading (I've had to kind of spread them out and mess around with where I'm posting them so that I didn't stick them all in today's post orz)

We've got an interesting mixture of fics, today... )
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 So, first things first, here's today's theme... *drumroll~*

Day 6 - Your Favourite Canon Fic [The Themes]

I kind of have a distinction between 'canon' and 'canonverse' and can't be bothered to differentiate the two so that they have different posts or whatever, so you get both here =) I tend to think of 'canon' as following the original plot of the book/anime/manga/show/etc. 'Canonverse' tends to be in the universe of the book/anime/manga/show/etc. (rather than an Alternate Universe or AU) but things don't necessarily pan out the same way as they do in 'canon'.

Anyway, without much further ado~ )

In other news..!

Apparenly, I write like a man. )
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 Day 5 - Your Favourite Fic From Your First Fandom [The Themes]

Tortall fandom will always be special to me since it was the first one I ever got into, and it's a shame that I don't participate in it as actively as I used to... I'd like to write for it again at some point (because although the drabbles I wrote in the crossover meme a couple of months ago were definitely better than my older works for the fandom I don't really think that they count)

Not entirely fluffy, but less depressing/dark on the whole this time! ) 
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 Day 4 - Your Favourite Multi-chaptered/Epic Length Fic [The Themes]

Another really tough one! And I'm not increasing the number of recs by one each day on purpose ^^' 

I'll have to add in the hyperlinks properly later as Lj has decided to be uncooperative ^^' 

Seriously, where's all the fluff gone..? )
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 Day 3 – Your Favourite Oneshot [Theme List]

Apparently I'm getting worse and worse at this narrowing the list down lark, but considering I had about 25 tabs of possibilities up when I was trying to decide what to keep, I think three isn't too bad, considering. There was one fic that I'd been almost certain I was going to list here before I remembered it was actually a Twoshot ^^' I guess I'll just have to try and fit it in under one of the other titles...
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 Day 2 - Your Favourite Drabble [Theme List]

I had a hard time narrowing it down, but I managed to get it down to two (with difficulty! XD) I have to say, Delicious and my completely anal tagging system was a godsend in sorting through and finding them though. I'll have to make sure everything is tagged properly over summer =D

Also, I think I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post, but I'm just going to stick with ff.net's rating system to keep everything uniform~

To Today's Recs! )
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 So, there have been loads of these 30 day challenges floating around on facebook like the 10 Day Song Challenge, the Book Challenge and the Film challenge to name a few. As the title implies, they are challenges that last thirty days, where users post links to their wall, one per day for the appropriate category. I was thinking that it’d be pretty cool to have one for Fic recommendations, and thus this thing was spawned XD Only I’m doing this on Lj as I think a lot of these will be ones that the people I know IRL wouldn’t appreciate ^^’ That, and Lj means that you can write an awful lot more about them~ But if you're so inclined, there is now a fb group for it as well! =D

The Themes )

Day 1 - Your Favourite Fic Of All Time )


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