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(Yup, it's a Sengoku Basara one~ I found it on tumblr somewhere though so I don't have a link to the original source >.>)

It's funny, I just changed my wallpaper fairly recently; if this had come up a week ago you'd get to see the pretty No.6 one I'd been using... Anyway,this is what I changed it to =3

Info on the rainmeter skins I used can be found here~

In other news~

Still got a crap tonne of work to do from uni which I should be doing at the moment orz The next few weeks up until Christmas are pretty full of deadlines so I'll probably be fairly inactive during that time >.> It's annoying, but I always get loads of ideas for writing whenever I have deadlines; same goes for this time as well, though I'll have to stave them off til the holidays...

I've been meaning to update properly about uni/daily life stuffs but I'll do that later (prolly in an flocked post).

In terms of stuff I've been watching recently? Merlin's been the only thing I've been following on actual TV, though I miss watching Mock the Week and QI. Anime-wise, I'm pretty addicted to Mawaru Penguindrum (with all of the brilliant mindfuckery), Chihayafuru and P4. I've also been following Guilty Crown, Kimi to Boku and Bakuman 2 though I'm not so bothered if I miss and episode or two here or there for them. Nothing's stuck out the way No.6 and Tiger and Bunny did last season though.

I'm happy to hear that Area no Kishi's going to be airing in January ^^ I think the first episode's going to be on my birthday, so hopefully the subs for it'll be up before my exams start...

I've actually (finally) managed to watch the Beck live action movie! =D As far as manga/anime adaptations to films go, I was really impressed! It stuck to the storyline and none of the character's personalities were warped at all; the thing that impressed me the most, though. was the casting. It was perfect! Especially Tiara~
There was one thing that really bothered me though.

If Koyuki's voice is so amazing, WHY DO WE NEVER GET TO HEAR IT???? D:<
Other than that, I also saw the Paradise Kiss movie last night - I can't judge it against the manga or anime as I haven't had the chance to read/watch the whole of it, but I was entertained ^^ I'm also on the third episode of Bloody Monday~ I'll have to see what I think when I've gotten through both seasons but so far it's been pretty good ^^

More from me later when I can be bothered~ ^^/


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