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(If you can’t tell from the title, I ended up watching The Kings Speech again after writing this while packing my room XD <3 )

Ah man, it’s been a pretty crazy few weeks!

I’ve got all of my exams out of the way now though, thank god, so roll on summer! I’ve just got to wait for the results of them to come out and I can breathe easy… I’m pretty confident about one but not so sure about the other. Ah wells, nothing I can really do about it now >.<

When the exam timetable first came out I got mega stressed; my driving test was scheduled at the same time as one of my exams. That by itself wouldn’t have been a huge issue as I could just reschedule it to another time. Except. First, the lease on the house we’ve been renting at uni ends on Wednesday; this means that anything after that, I’d need to get someone to drive me back up to Hatfield to take the lessons and wouldn’t be able to take lessons then in between if the test was still to be in the holidays. If not, I’d need to wait to take my test after September when I’d be back for my final year of uni. Except. The second thing, which is that my theory test certificate expires near the end of July. If I can’t pass before it expires, I’ll have to take the stupid test again, and I really can’t be bothered with it (not to mention you have to pay to take the exam in the first place as well. Not made of money, you know?)

In theory rescheduling a test should be fairly easy seeing as you can do it online now, but the thing is, the DSA’s website is pretty shite and crashes. All. The. Time. It’s ridiculous, I’d go on there and fill in my details, and whether you specified a date you wanted or said you’d be okay with anything it’d crash and say ‘there are no dates available at this time’. As the exam drew nearer the stressing got worse; at this rate I’d have to cancel it all together and rebook for November!

I tried ringing up their hotline a few times but the two test centres around me were booked up til mid/late August… It wasn’t until I rang up once more and pleaded with them to give me anything at all because I wasn’t going to be in the area for more than a month and my certificate was running out and don’t you have any cancellations at all?! that I was told that for an additional £13 they could give me a slot on a Saturday.

So of course I said yes.

Sheesh, couldn’t they have said something about it sooner? I suppose the whole thing didn’t warrant as much stress as I was going through at the time, but it was just so frustrating having to deal with it all while I was trying to revise for the exams. And there was the whole thing with uni sending me an email like a final demand asking for £65 that I apparently owed uni. I found out later that it was because the Student Loan Company gave me the same amount for my tuition fees as they did last year instead of increasing it to match this years fees which had risen because of inflation. They only got back to me after all of the crap above was sorted out though, so I was stressing about what I could possibly owe them as well as stressing about when my driving test would be.

It’s all sorted now though, thank god! Wish me luck on the driving test, it’s coming up pretty soon! >.<

Other than that, most days have been pretty tame in that I’ll get up, do some stuff around the house and maybe write a bit and make lunch and dinner. Dinner’ll be packed up to take to the LRC so that I can go online and I’ll get back and call home before maybe playing some Phoenix Wright or Minecraft…

This week I did venture out into London twice.

The first was to go into central to see the Royal Academy of Music’s museum and the Sherlock Holmes museum. I was surprised by how little time they both took; I caught the bus into Queensbury at 11:40ish and was on one of the slower lines on the tube til I realised that using the Met would be quicker, but I still managed to finish both museums by about half two.

The Royal Academy of Music’s museum was quite small, but it was absolutely deserted ^^; It made me feel a tad self-conscious as I was looking around, but it was still pretty interesting~ The ground floor had a guest exhibition on Liszt and Chopin, the first floor was for String instruments and the second was for pianos. There was a third floor for the ‘university’s collections’ but they were to be seen by appointment only. I didn’t take many pictures there…

This is the academy itself, though I couldn't actually go inside ^^' The foyer was pretty, which I went into to find out where the museum was (it was in the next building over). The atmosphere was a little oppressive I'll admit; if I thought that the people at Loughborough Uni were stuck up when I went there for my interview the year before last? That was nothing XD


Yeah, the quality of  the pictures isn't great XD But the camera on my mobile isn't brilliant either XD

After that I walked down the road to Baker’s Street =3 I walked past the Wetherspoon’s I mention in INoFT Track Three, and did consider going in for some food but it was pretty busy and I didn’t fancy going in by myself ^^; I can say confidently that Arthur would have felt no qualms doing so though XD I suppose it partly comes from being a ‘local’ (in inverted commas since technically he’s just there for uni. But then again I don’t really care about going places to eat here on my own so I guess that makes me a ‘local’ of Hatfield after being here two years? XD)

The Sherlock Holmes museum was around the corner and across the road; I got a lot more pictures there XD

It’s, as you may guess, in 211b Bakers Street where Sherlock Holmes was said to have lived. The ground floor was the gift shop, where you had to buy your ticket to be let in (which was basically a leaflet about the exhibition. I might scan it and add it here when I get back home where the scanners actually work orz), and once you have that you go back out to queue to be let into the exhibition. This one was actually pretty busy, and I had to wait about ten minutes to be let in. My dad wouldn’t have been able to go into this one as there are a lot of stairs; the exhibition spans over about three floors, with the stairways being quite narrow and without any rails on the side. The first floor was the lounge that you see recreated in the Sherlock Holmes movie and BBC’s Sherlock, and Watson’s room. I don’t know how accurate they were to the books though, as I haven’t had the chance to read them yet ^^; (Ah man, my list of books to read is ridiculously long ;A; )

After that, I ended up at Piccadilly and took a gander around Tokyo Toys, though I didn’t get anything as nothing really caught my eye and it’s all still a bit of a rip off ^^; They had a small Hetalia section, but it was mainly phone charms (which I can’t use anymore anyway) and notebooks which were £10 each ^^;

I was absolutely starving by this point so I picked up some veggie sushi from the Japan Centre and ended up at Green Park for about forty-five minutes, just relaxing in the sun and eating my lunch XD By the time I got the tube back to Queensbury it was rush hour so the journey back wasn’t so fun ^^; But it was a good day overall~

The day after I was back on the bus to Queensbury again (at rush hour lol) but this time it was because I was going to visit and Aunt. She always pinches me when she sees me because I’ve been in Hatfield so long and not been to see her yet ^^; I’ve been told several times by my sister that if she’d been so close to family at uni she’d be there every weekend taking advantage of not having to cook and being able to get someone to do her laundry for her, but I don’t know I’ve never been as comfortable with that kind of thing as she is ^^;

But I had a really good time ^^ My two cousins originally weren’t going to be in as they were busy with plans they already had, but I ended up being able to hang out with them both, which was nice as I hadn’t seen them since my cousin’s birthday do in April ^^ It was a pretty relaxing evening and it was funny watching the two of them bicker over the tv~

After that, I’ve pretty much just been trying to pack all of my stuff ready for when I move out on Tuesday. Well, that and writing lol.

I’m not doing too badly progress wise; to put it in the form of a list…

~Fluffathon Prompts – I’m taking part in the aph_fluffathon this year, and have ideas for both prompts that I have. I’ve only started writing one of them so far, but I have a rough outline to follow for both.

~KnightAndPirate Summer Contest – Ironically enough, I am having a little trouble with this one XD I’ve had plot bunnies which have then grown out of control and probably won’t be used for it. I dunno; there’s one on the back burner that I have to tinker with a bit to see if it’ll fit the theme or go off on a tangent but my original plot bunny won’t work for it anymore ^^;

~INoFt – Track Four – I was supposed to leave this alone for a bit while I work on stuff that has deadlines but this fic just kind of writes itself and I couldn’t resist, so I have started writing it regardless. Oops. Anyway, it’s a chapter I’ve been wanting to write for a while, so hopefully if I take a little more time on it it’ll turn out for the better?

~5xCaptain Kirkland – I’m working on this one too~ I know what needs to be written but it’s taking a little while to come out the way I want it to, so this one may take a tad longer than usual to get out. Though I suppose it depends on if I can get my arse into gear once I’ve moved back home.

~Music Meme – I’m going to work on this more when I move home
cause there’s some stuff I need to look up, but again the next one from this is pretty much planned out and I need to look up some details before I can really crack on with it.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I need to work ok as well, like trying to pick BoaF and AiaDW up again, but the stuff listed above are my main priorities at the moment methinks.

Unless I’ve managed to forget something.

Which, considering this is me, is entirely possible.

Oh wells, back to packing! And then lunch/dinner so I can actually get to the LRC and post this XD
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