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Not All Who Wonder

Disclaimer: I don't own Axis Powers Hetalia!

Summary: A random AU drabble about Punk!England and Fem!Prussia. Yeah, I don't know either.

She isn’t surprised when she spots him lounging against the wall of the off licence, hands shoved roughly into his pockets and smoke curling from his lips. There are a couple of girls hovering around him, tittering about something or another. She spots his brow twitch in irritation because she’s looking for it, and she can’t stop her mouth from curling into a grin as he takes another drag and deliberately exhales in their faces. She can’t hear his words from where she is, but it’s not hard to see his sneer.

It shouldn't be so attractive.

By the time she’s crossed the road and taken a place next to him, the girls are gone and his attention is focused elsewhere. She leans back, letting her knee bend as her boot rests against the wall and glances sidelong at the other.

His hair is a mess, as always, and those brows are as prominent as ever. A faded band t-shirt is almost dwarfed by the red plaid shirt above it and the digits that hold his cigarette to his lips poke out of fingerless leather gloves. It’s his eyes that draw her attention though, calm and almost serene where one would expect tidal waves of emotion.

She won’t let it last long enough to lose herself in them, though.

She pitches her voice high as she clears her throat delicately, amused when his forehead crumples in annoyance. He doesn’t turn, thinking her as one of the nuisances from earlier.

“Here to try to purify my tainted, misunderstood soul again?” She has to supress a laugh, both at the words and the derisive tone in which they are delivered. Instead, she snags the cancer stick for herself, smirking in triumph when he finally turns to her looking absolutely appalled. She takes a long drag and sends a steady stream of smog in his direction just as he had done for the girls earlier, red eyes boring into his green ones.

“How boring; where’s the fun in that?”

A/N: A week and a half later and I still don't really know what this is supposed to be XD It was written between bits of coursework, just because I felt like it, and could probably stand to be improved and expanded upon. For the moment though, it's just going to stay as it is, I think. Anyway, I'll cross post this everywhere once I've thought of a title or something =3

Edit: Got a title thanks to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] orionthe_hunter~


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