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 Five Times Captain Kirkland Refused to Believe His Eyes and the One Time He Had No Choice [FF.NET]

Disclaimer: I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: It had been a productive night for Captain Kirkland and his band of pirates; a successful raid had left the whole ship giddy with accomplishment long before the rum had been brought out.

#1 A Trick of The Light

It had been a productive night for Captain Kirkland and his band of pirates; a successful raid had left the whole ship giddy with accomplishment long before the rum had been brought out. The celebrations had gone on long into the early hours of the morning and now as he steered the ship with only the company of the men on watch, he had to admit that he had let them go on for far longer than he perhaps should have.

While they had long since left the port where Captain Carriedo’s ship had been docked foolishly unguarded, all signs of their presence eradicated, they needed to arrive at their merchant’s within a timely fashion or else they’d be refused at the door.

Treasures and such were all well and good, but one needed to be able to trade those spoils for their monetary counterparts; ornaments could only do so much, after all.

The seas were calm, the wind blowing in their sails keeping up their streak of good fortune. The wheel only needed a slight tug every now and again to keep them on course, and Arthur felt his mind drift slightly. He would have liked to have seen Carriedo’s face when he returned to find his ship completely empty – would have loved to see his face when he realised the culprit – but, as he had explained to his crew over and over, this was a mission of utmost stealth. It was far more amusing to watch the Spanish pirate try to find a nemesis he knew nothing of.

He began to hum to himself, quietly and under his breath so as to not distract any of the other men on deck. It wasn’t one of the drinking songs he had sung earlier with gusto, laughing with his men at a job well done. No, it was a song he’d heard when he’d been a cabin boy, his first time as a stowaway aboard a large ship with a few other boys who were always underfoot. He remembered telling one of the younger boys that the figurehead, a beautiful Mermaid, would one day come to life to seek vengeance on those who had entrapped her so; that her siren’s song would pull all the men who had ever been aboard the ship down to greet Davy Jones, never to be seen again. The boy had quaked in his socks, while still insisting “I’d be spared a’cos I’m a Jones too!”

It had been the same boy from whom he’d heard this song, one that he’d said had been sung to him by his mother. It was a sweet song, almost like a lullaby, and although Arthur was captain if he was heard he would not be spared the teasing that would be sure to follow.
He wasn’t sure when the humming turned into singing, but he kept his voice soft as he checked his compass, and then looked up at the Crow’s Nest – he’d have Terry’s head if he’d fallen asleep up there.

As he let his eyes drift back down to the deck, Arthur had to blink. There, perched on the side of the deck with crossed arms resting on the banister was a man. Silvery hair, luminescent red eyes and alabaster skin, the man looked entirely otherworldly. And he was staring straight at Arthur. There was a lazy sort of grin on the man’s face, and Arthur barely registered it when the man threw him an impish wink, before disappearing.

Rushing over to stare down at the ocean, Arthur almost thought he’d imagined the whole thing until he saw the swish-flick of silvery scaled tail fins disappear into the distance, glinting slightly in the light of the rising sun.


Shaking his head, Arthur returned to the wheel. “It’s nothing.” Clearly he’d had more rum than he’d thought. Or he needed some kip. Either way, one thing was certain; he was seeing things that couldn’t possibly be real.


A/N: Hokay, so this is the first part of a series of six (as you may have guessed) for [livejournal.com profile] revolutionjack , who wanted something with Merman!Prussia and Pirate!England =) Hopefully this is okay so far despite the lack of Prussia; he should be turning up more in the rest of it!
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