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The One Sentence Meme!
For Prussia/England Cause that’s how I roll~

Warnings: Severe punctuation abuse ;;

#1 Angst
He watches the wall go up and can’t help but think he’s on the wrong side.

#2 AU
Hard red eyes stare down at Albion and he struggles instinctively against the hands holding him down, opens his mouth to scream for help but the sound is swallowed by the lips covering his own.

#3 Crack!fic
“If you really can do magic, you can make it so I’m really packing five metres right?”

#4 Crossover
When Arthur woke in a room that was definitely not his own, his head pounding with an impending hangover, he was struck by two thoughts: one, that he’d never heard the flute solo from Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe played quite like that before and two, how on Earth could anyone live in such a pigsty?!

#5 First Time
When Prussia knocks on England’s door asking for food that April first, he’s blinded by the smile he receives – he doesn’t think he’s ever seen it before, but he certainly wants to see it again.

#6 Fluff
If he feels arms curling around his middle during the night, he doesn’t mention it; just nuzzles into the warmth and saves them both the awkward embarrassment.

#7 Humour
Prussia couldn’t help but swell with pride every time Gilbird hopped from his perch on Prussia’s head to attack France’s wondering hands – England clearly had the most awesome bodyguard in the world!

#8 Hurt/Comfort
He doesn’t want words - the fingers running through his hair are enough.

#9 Smut
They don’t need to be gentle with each other; just themselves.

#10 UST
France soon tires of watching Prussia leer across the table at him – that is, until he realises he’s not the one being leered at.

Sometimes, Prussia wonders if he should be jealous of the amount of attention France gets from England if only to punish him for his harassment; he doesn’t realise England wonders the same about himself and Austria.


A/N:  Why is there a bonus, you ask?  Because I  suck at humour and the bonus was my first attempt at it ^^' Ehehe.

#2 is from my Tortallan-like AU from the Crossover Meme (here and here), and #4 is crossed over with Nodame Cantabile. I've kind of become taken with the idea now though, so I'm planning on writing it properly (as if I didn't already have enough planned!  XD)

This was a really fun meme! It was brilliant talking to [livejournal.com profile] whitewings9  and [livejournal.com profile] revolutionjack  whilst filling them in together, and there were a couple of times  I  giggled myself silly (like when Wings asked me how I  knew what UST  was - I'm supposed to be the innocent one!  ;A;  )~  We should do it again some time!  =D


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